SBDART: A Practical Tool for Plane-Parallel Radiative Transfer in the Earth's Atmosphere

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- Online WebTool and Matlab tool by Paul Schou.

This is a nice tool that allows one to make many simulation runs and compare results. The ability to use a black body curve overlaid on top of the graph and to quickly make small changes helps in understanding how different constituents play a part. The MATLAB tool gives a fully functional access to SBDART that will run on any machine, however an online connectivity is required.

Online Tool
- Online sbdart by Alliant Techsystems.

This is a quick and easy tool to compute radiance transfers and get the results online which can then be tabled to compare results. Three different simulations can be run, fluxes (by layer), spectral fluxes (at an observer location), and radiance. This tool gives the source code with what is being ran, and gives a few variables for tweaking.
Documentation - SBDART documentation
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